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Our Story

 FiveFiftyFive is founded by 3 co-creators with an ultimate vision to bring a collective of high vibrational individuals, products & services to create a high integrity cooperative that is fun, transparent, sustainable, and empowering. Collectively we have noticed an even greater rise in depression, anxiety, self-rejection, child and domestic violence, robbery and an increase of division among all groups of people since Covid. This has not only impacted our families but the whole world. We believe that increased support and high vibe meditation tools, energy services and safe communities will aid in self-healing and a more peaceful humanity. Our current product line includes candle and resin products that are energetically infused, crystal enhanced and handmade with love. 



2, Inspiration


4. Intune with Nature


Our Mission

Our mission is to bring peace, clarity and balance within the home and within oneself. And to assist in developing an emotional independent person through a stronger connection with their higherself/ inner guidance.

Our Vision

Our ultimate vision is bringing a collective of high vibrational individuals, products & services to create a high integrity cooperative that is fun, transparent, sustainable, and empowering.  

“The Greatest love that we seek is our connection with our higherSelf. ”

Meet our team


Co Founder Erica Montogomery

Erica is the owner of Elegance Simplified salon LLC. For 8 years, she has provided both women and men a variety of techniques to care for their natural hair. Being natural herself, she realized there weren't many products or information on textured hair. We've been taught that natural hair is hard, undesirable, and rude. Through creating her salon, she has assisted in giving clients the right tools and tips to love their hair and gain self-confidence in their style. She has a strong desire for people to embrace themselves and create more self-love starting with their crown.

Erica Montgomery

Co- Founder Linda Peters

Linda noticed growing up that she would have questions arise in her and there were no adequate answers or insight provided from family or traditional religious leaders. She was told that she couldn’t question why things are the way they are, and that never sat right with her. She later began her own journey of self-reflection and healing after graduating college in 2016. She founded a clothing business named Ancient Cubs; a brand focused on creating safe expression around the subject of child abuse, to truly express how they feel and release and forgive accordingly. The Cubs Stood for Culture Unrepresented Beyond Society. This was the brand of saying I see you! Now let’s heal together! 

Linda Peters

Co Founder Shevann Hill

Shevann started because of an abusive failing relationship that led to a decline in health and a diagnosis of Narcolepsy with a REM sleep disorder. About this time, she was enrolled at Ohio University in the field of Communications with a focus in Public Advocacy. There were many areas she observed needing support and advocacy, but where to start? She had the epiphany it was to start with herself. She was able to fortunately heal herself with natural herbs and removed herself from medications and a toxic relationship. Later she began exploring a variety of natural healing modalities and energy work which she also got certifications in, so she can aid in bringing healing to herself and others. As she began to explore local and online communities and share her story and healing support, that is how she met our other two founders Linda and Erica.  

Shevann Hill

Take back control of your life,
True change starts within..

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